If somebody wants to run the numbers, more SF YA books have been coming out since this book was published. Is it the book good? I thought it was some pretty good brain candy, but not definitely not the most thought provoking piece of lit I've read. Has is spawned hundreds of other books? Yes. Will it make kids more… » 7/25/14 7:27pm 7/25/14 7:27pm

Everything You Never Knew About The Making Of Last Starfighter

For a whole generation of video-game-playing kids, The Last Starfighter represents a special kind of wish-fulfillment: a down-on-his-luck kid becomes a video-game champ, only to find himself recruited to fight in an interplanetary war. How did something so perfect get made? Here's the whole, fascinating story. » 7/10/14 11:16am 7/10/14 11:16am

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10 Weirdest Origins Of Classic Science Fiction Sound Effects

Nowadays, when people want to add a sound effect to a movie, they mostly just pull up a digital archive, choose a sound, and drag and drop. But in the pre-digital age, people created sounds using whatever objects were close to hand. Here are the 10 most unusual sources for your favorite sound effects. » 6/13/14 10:16am 6/13/14 10:16am

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